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#   Buoyant single cell densities of marine bacterial isolates
#   M. Polz (MIT)
#   version: 2016-10-19
strain    fluid  
13B01Exp  ASW    
13B01Exp  D2O    
13B01Exp  H2O    
13B01Stat ASW    
13B01Stat D2O    
13B01Stat H2O    
HTCC1062  ASW    
HTCC1062  D2O    
HTCC1062  H2O    
HTCC7211  ASW    
HTCC7211  D2O    
HTCC7211  H2O    
MED4      ASW    
MED4      D2O    
MED4      H2O    
MIT9301   ASW    
MIT9301   D2O    
MIT9301   H2O    
MIT9313   ASW    
MIT9313   D2O    
MIT9313   H2O    
NATL2A    ASW    
NATL2A    D2O