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# Disease Codes
# Project: Impact of the 2010 Caribbean Coral Bleaching Event: 
#          Assessing Changes in Coral Immune Function
# PI: Ernesto Weil
# Version: 27 June 2013
abbreviation  disease  
HEA           Healthy  
BLE           Bleaching  
WPD           White plague disease  
WBD           White band disease  
WPA           White patches = white pox  
YBD           Yellow band disease  
DSD           Dark spots disease  
GAN           Growth anomalies  
CCI           Caribbean ciliate infection  
ASP           Aspergillosis  
LAB           Labyrinthulomicosis  
CWS           Crustose whte syndrome  
OTH           Other unknown/undescribed  
PRE           Predation  
CLIO          Cliona   
SEDI          Sedimentation  
MULTI         Multiple diseases (WPD; YBD; BLE; etc)  
BBD           Black Band  
CYAN          Cyanobacteria  
CCLOD         Caribbean Coral Lethal Orange Disease  
WS            White syndrome  
RBD           Red Band disease  
GWS           Gorgonia waste syndrome