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# DIC and isotopes via vacuum line
#  Vertical profiles from multi- and gravity cores (solutes and solids)
# PI: Tomokversity)
# Co-PIsrancisco State University)
# Co-PIs: David Burdige (Old Dominion University) & Jeffrey Chae University)
# State University)
# Version: 15 June 2016
core_id                                        station  cruise_id  
Bottom_water;_7_m_above_bottom;_Go-Flo         SBB      SP1215     
Bottom_water;_7_m_above_bottom;_Go-Flo         SBB      NH1319     
MC18-2                                         SBB      SP1215     
GC15                                           SBB      SP1215     
BB26                                           SBB      NH1319     
Surface_water;_10_m_below_sea_surface;_Go-Flo  SMB08    NH1319     
Bottom_water;_3_m_above_bottom;_Go-Flo         SMB08    NH1319     
10GC                                           SMB08    NH1319     
12GC                                           SMB08    NH1319     
18MC                                           SMB08    NH1319