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#   links to ECOTRAN model code, static scenarios, and documentation
#   J. Ruzicka (OSU)
#   version: 2015-01-20
link                                           description  
ReadMe_ECOTRAN-Jan2015.pdf                     Summary of submitted files  
README_ECOTRAN Manual 1-18-2015.pdf            Manual with basic instructions on the use of the code  
ECOTRANcode_StructuralAnalysis_1-21-2015.zip   Code to build and conduct structural scenarios  
ECOTRANmodels_MammalAggregation_1-21-2015.zip  Models for the Northern Calif. Current, Coastal Gulf of Alaska, and Georges Bank (mammal aggregation versions) and a set of generated Monte Carlo models for each.   
StructuralScenarios_Oceanography_Dec2013.zip   Master Matlab .m script used to conduct structural scenarios, scenario results excel file 'ScenarioResults_01-17-2015.xlsx', and scenario results as pdf images.