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# Trichodesmium consortia metagenomics
# PI: David Hutchins (USC)
# Co-PI: Eric Webb
# Version: 09 March 2018
#  Note: accession_link and BioProject_link go to NCBI database
accession_number  accession_link  description                                                                       BioProject_id  BioProject_link  
SRP078329         SRP078329       V4-V5 16S rRNA tag seq of Trichodesmium spp.                                      PRJNA328793    PRJNA328793  
SRP078343         SRP078343       metagenome of Trichodesmium enrichment cultures                                   PRJNA328268    PRJNA328268  
MBSN00000000      MBSN00000000    Alteromonas macleodii isolate Amac816; whole genome shotgun sequencing project    PRJNA328503    PRJNA328503