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# Reference information for the JeDI Jellyfish database		
# Pis:  R. Condon, C. Lucas, C. Duarte, K. Pitt		
# Return to JeDI dataset		
parameter_field  abbreviated_name                           original_name  
project_title    CalCOFI_zoo                                CalCOFI ZooPlankton DB Project  
project_title    AdriaticSea                                200 Year Adriatic Sea Jellyfish Data,1790-2009  
project_title    AUS_Jelly_Assess                           Australian Jellyfish Fishery Development and Assessment,2000-2002  
project_title    Barium_MediterraneanSea                    Barium in the Mediterranean Sea programme  
project_title    SoPacific_Experiment                       Biogeochemistry and Optics South Pacific Experiment cruise  
project_title    Canada_DFO                                 Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans Jellyfish Data  
project_title    ChespkBay_Prog                             Chesapeake Bay Program Monitoring Surveys Data  
project_title    CHOPAX_ChespkBay_Jellyfish_Data            CHOPAX Chesapeake Bay Jellyfish Data,1987-1991  
project_title    COPEPOD                                    COPEPOD-*      
project_title    CWT_MSN                                    Cornwall Wildlife Trust Marine Strandings Network  
project_title    PortPhillipBay_Westernport_AUS             Distribution of the jellyfish Catostylus mosaicus in Port Phillip Bay and Westernport,1997-1999  
project_title    Dutch_Literature                           Dutch Coastal Waters Jellyfish Literature  
project_title    EcoJel_IrishSea                            EcoJel Jellyfish Survey of the Irish Sea,2003-2005  
project_title    VideoProfiler_Macrozoo                     Global zoogeography of fragile macrozooplankton in the upper 100-1000m inferred from the underwater video profiler  
project_title    HumboldtCurrent_Survey                     Humboldt Current Survey,Concepcion,Chile,2002-2009  
project_title    KachemakBay_Alaska                         Hydromedusa Community Composition in Kachemak Bay,Alaska 2007-2010  
project_title    BIOMASS_Showa_Stn                          Jellyfish zooplankton Data Collected with BIOMASS Programme at Showa Station by JARE  
project_title    MBARI                                      Jellywatch Public Jellyfish Reports,MBARI,2008-2011  
project_title    Kerguelen_Study_Cruise                     Kerguelen:compared study of the Ocean and the Plateau in Surface water cruise  
project_title    MBARI                                      MBARI ROV-Video Transects,1991-2008  
project_title    MidAtlRidge_ECOsystem                      Mid-Atlantic Ridge ECOsystem programme  
project_title    NarragansettBay_Plankton                   Narragansett Bay Plankton Monitoring Ctenophore Data,2001-2010  
project_title    NarragansettBay_Plankton                   Narragansett Bay Plankton Monitoring Hydrozoa Data,2010  
project_title    NarragansettBay_Plankton                   Narragansett Bay Plankton Monitoring Zooplankton Data 2001-2005  
project_title    NoAtl_IrishSea                             Northea Atlantic and Irish Sea scyphomedusae,2008 2011  
project_title    NoBalticSea                                Northern Baltic Sea Comb Jellies,2007-2010  
project_title    Norwegian_Literature                       Norwegian Fjord Jellyfish Data Extracted from Literature  
project_title    Japan_Fisherman_records                    Occurrence of the Nemopilema nomurai in Japanese waters recorded by fishermen  
project_title    Instruments_Methods                        Oceanographie, Instrumentation et Methodologie cruise  
project_title    Recruit_Surveys_SoAfrica                   Pelagic Recruit Surveys,South Africa,1988-1997  
project_title    Phoenix_Is_Diving                          Phoenix Islands Protected Area Blue Water Diving  
project_title    Meso_Echelle                               Programme Ocean Multidisciplinaire Meso Echelle  
project_title    MediterraneanSea                           Rhizostoma & Pelagia in the Mediterranean 2004-2006  
project_title    Salp_Tasman_NSW_AUS                        Salp Counts,Tasman Sea off South Eastern NSW Australia,2008  
project_title    Salps_NSW_AUS                              Salps NSW Australia  
project_title    SCUBA_ISSP                                 SCUBA Collections on ISSP Cruise,October 2007  
project_title    Southampton_Lucas                          Southampton Water Lucas  
project_title    Southampton_PhDs                           Southampton Water PhDs  
project_title    Southern_Surveyor                          Southern Surveyor voyage  
project_title    TIES_ChespkBay                             TIES,Chesapeake Bay,1995-2000  
project_title    VIMS_Survey                                VIMS Jelly Survey 2003-2006  
project_title    IOBIS                                      www.iobis.org  
project_title    YorkRiverEstry_Survey                      York River Estuary Ctenophore Survey,1968-1969  
sub_project      Alm_Sald                                   ALMIRANTE SALDANHA Collection  
sub_project      Atl_NIRO                                   AtlantNIRO plankton  
sub_project      Baltic_Sea                                 Baltic Sea Monitoring  
sub_project      Brodskii                                   Brodskii 1950  
sub_project      Chiu_Lien                                  CHIU LIEN Collection  
sub_project      Gaveshani                                  GAVESHANI Collection  
sub_project      Gill_zoo                                   GILL Zooplankton Collection  
sub_project      Stn_Alpha                                  Drift Station Alpha  
sub_project      Gulf_CA                                    Gulf of California 1983  
sub_project      LOrsom_III                                 L'Orsom III    
sub_project      Minoda                                     Minoda 1967    
sub_project      NPac_BeringSea                             North Pacific and Bering Sea Oceanography 1958  
sub_project      NPac                                       North Pacific Survey  
sub_project      Stn_Papa                                   Ocean Weather Station Papa  
sub_project      Pac_Salmon                                 Pacific Salmon Investigations  
sub_project      Pearl_Harbor                               Pearl Harbor 1946  
sub_project      Pelagic_Eco_IO                             Pelagic Ecosystems of the Indian Ocean  
sub_project      Pelagic_Eco_Med                            Pelagic Ecosystems of the Mediterranean  
sub_project      Pelagic_Eco_TropAtl                        Pelagic Ecosystems of the Tropical Atlantic  
sub_project      Zulfiquar                                  Zulfiquar Cruises  
sub_project      Ctenophore                                 Ctenophore Data,2001-2010  
sub_project      Hydrozoa                                   Hydrozoa Data,2010  
sub_project      Zooplankton                                Zooplankton Data 2001-2005  
sub_project      ROV                                        ROV            
sub_project      Jellywatch                                 Jellywatch     
owner_dataset    Coleman_N                                  Dr. Noel Coleman  
owner_dataset    Conger_P                                   P. Conger      
owner_dataset    Basin_A_Soloviev_KA                        A. Basin, K.A.Soloviev  
owner_dataset    Basin_A_Soloviev_KA                        A. Basin, K.A.Soloviev  
owner_dataset    Collins_A_Collins_J                        A. Collins & J. Collins  
owner_dataset    Collins_A_Collins_J                        A. Collins & J. Collins  
owner_dataset    De_Wever_A                                 A. De Wever    
owner_dataset    DeWever_A                                  A. De Wever    
owner_dataset    Pease_A                                    A. Pease       
owner_dataset    Rath_A                                     A. Rath        
owner_dataset    Rath_A                                     A. Rath        
owner_dataset    Riera_A                                    Abelardo Riera  
owner_dataset    Riera_A                                    Abelardo Riera  
owner_dataset    Cooper_A                                   Adam Cooper    
owner_dataset    Cooper_A                                   Adam Cooper    
owner_dataset    Collier_A                                  Adrian Collier  
owner_dataset    Collier_A                                  Adrian Collier  
owner_dataset    Bellerby_A                                 Alan Bellerby  
owner_dataset    Bellerby                                   Alan Bellerby  
owner_dataset    Bellerby_A                                 Alan Bellerby  
owner_dataset    Brittain_A                                 Alan Brittain  
owner_dataset    Brittain_A                                 Alan Brittain  
owner_dataset    Sime_Alan                                  Alan Sime      
owner_dataset    Sime_A                                     Alan Sime      
owner_dataset    Jacobs_A                                   Alec Jacobs    
owner_dataset    Jacobs_A                                   Alec Jacobs    
owner_dataset    McDonald_A                                 Alex McDonald  
owner_dataset    McDonald_A                                 Alex McDonald  
owner_dataset    Snaddon_A                                  Alisdair Snaddon  
owner_dataset    Snaddon_A                                  Alisdair Snaddon  
owner_dataset    Allan_A                                    Alison Allan   
owner_dataset    Allan_A                                    Alison Allan   
owner_dataset    Bessell_A                                  Alison Bessell  
owner_dataset    Fish_A                                     Alison Fish    
owner_dataset    Fuller-Shapcott_A                          Alison Fuller-Shapcott  
owner_dataset    Mayor_A                                    Alison Mayor   
owner_dataset    Davison_A                                  Alistair Davison  
owner_dataset    Goodwin_A                                  Allan Goodwin  
owner_dataset    Allan_Hancock_Fdn                          Allan Hancock Foundation  
owner_dataset    Bugg_A                                     Amy Bugg       
owner_dataset    Morton_A                                   Andrew Morton  
owner_dataset    Mounter_A                                  Andrew Mounter  
owner_dataset    Willett_A                                  Andy Willett   
owner_dataset    Gall_A                                     Angela Gall    
owner_dataset    Read_A                                     Angela Read    
owner_dataset    Davies_A                                   Angharad Davies  
owner_dataset    Carter_A                                   Anne Carter    
owner_dataset    Mahon_AM                                   Anne Marie Mahon  
owner_dataset    McDade_A                                   Anne McDade    
owner_dataset    Little_A                                   Annette Little  
owner_dataset    Little_A                                   Annette Little  
owner_dataset    Marques_AC                                 Antonio Carlos Marques  
owner_dataset    Marques_AC_Shimabukuro_V                   Antonio Carlos Marques,Vanessa Shimabukuro  
owner_dataset    Myers_B                                    B Myers        
owner_dataset    Collette_B                                 B. Collette    
owner_dataset    Spracklin_B                                B. Spracklin   
owner_dataset    BaMstedt_U_et_al                           Ba',mstedt, U. et al.  
owner_dataset    BaMstedt_U_et_al                           Ba',mstedt, U.et al.  
owner_dataset    Bellerby_B                                 Barbara Bellerby  
owner_dataset    Haddrill_B                                 Barbara Haddrill  
owner_dataset    White_B                                    Barry White    
owner_dataset    Barry_J                                    Barry, Jim     
owner_dataset    Bartlett_Hellmann                          Bartlett & Hellmann  
owner_dataset    Hellmann_B                                 Bartlett Hellmann  
owner_dataset    Battelle-NEMRL_for_MMS                     Battelle-New England Marine Lab For BLM,MMS  
owner_dataset    Battelle-NEMRL_for_MMS                     Battelle-New England Marine Research Lab For BLM,MMS  
owner_dataset    Battelle-NEMRL;WHOI_for_MMS                Battelle-New England Marine Research Lab,Whoi For BLM,MMS  
owner_dataset    Battelle-WHOI_for_MMS                      Battelle,Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute for BLM,MMS  
owner_dataset    Seeley_B                                   Becky Seeley   
owner_dataset    Panter_B                                   Ben Panter     
owner_dataset    Rushbrook_B                                Ben Rushbrook  
owner_dataset    Picton_B                                   Bernard Picton  
owner_dataset    Roberts_B                                  Bernard Roberts  
owner_dataset    Berstad_V_et_al                            Berstad, V. et al.  
owner_dataset    Green_B                                    Betty Green    
owner_dataset    Bregje_B                                   Beyst Bregje   
owner_dataset    Cook_B                                     Bill Cook      
owner_dataset    Farnham_B                                  Bill Farnham   
owner_dataset    Sanderson_B                                Bill Sanderson  
owner_dataset    Lindsay_B                                  Blair Lindsay  
owner_dataset    Urquhart_B                                 Blair Urquhart  
owner_dataset    Bullimore_B                                Blaise Bullimore  
owner_dataset    Bullimore_B                                Blaise Bullimore  
owner_dataset    Earll_B                                    Bob Earll      
owner_dataset    Bodega_Marine_Lab                          Bodega Marine Laboratory  
owner_dataset    Bluhm_B                                    Bodil Bluhm    
owner_dataset    BOS;_SAMEOTO                               BOS - SAMEOTO  
owner_dataset    Brewer_P                                   Brewer, Peter  
owner_dataset    Stark_B                                    Bryan Stark    
owner_dataset    Chapman_B                                  Bryony Chapman  
owner_dataset    Buecher_E_Gibbons_M                        Buecher E. & Gibbons M.  
owner_dataset    Burrell_VG                                 Burrell, V.G.    
owner_dataset    Bristol_C                                  C. Bristol     
owner_dataset    Cutress_C                                  C. Cutress     
owner_dataset    Hand_C                                     C. Hand        
owner_dataset    CalCOFI                                    California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations  
owner_dataset    Canadas_DFO                                Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans  
owner_dataset    Lucas_C                                    Cathy Lucas    
owner_dataset    Ctr_Env_fish_Aqautic_Sci                   Centre for Environment Fisheries & Aquaculture Sci  
owner_dataset    Howson_C                                   Christine Howson  
owner_dataset    Maggs_C                                    Christine Maggs  
owner_dataset    Clague_D                                   Clague, David  
owner_dataset    CSA_for_MMS                                Continental Shelf Associates For BLM,MMS  
owner_dataset    CPR_Atl                                    CPR Atlantic Ocean  
owner_dataset    Edmondson_D                                D. Edmondson   
owner_dataset    Mckinnon_D                                 D. Mckinnon    
owner_dataset    Nutt_D                                     D. Nutt        
owner_dataset    Daan_R                                     Daan, R.       
owner_dataset    Mills_D                                    Dave Mills     
owner_dataset    Connor_D                                   David Connor   
owner_dataset    Dawe_Craig_TC                              Dawe, Craig(T.C)  
owner_dataset    Dawson_Jones_Rodiniche                     Dawson, Jones & Rodiniche  
owner_dataset    DARD                                       Department of Agriculture and Rural Development  
owner_dataset    NIPR                                       Department of Biolgocial Data Division of Data Collection and Processing, National Institute of Polar Research   
owner_dataset    DFO_RV_Needler                             DFO R,V Alfred Needler  
owner_dataset    DFO_RV_Hudson                              DFO R,V Hudson  
owner_dataset    DFO_RV_JL_Hart;_Chevrier_A                 DFO R,V J.L. Hart, A. Chevrier  
owner_dataset    DFO_RV_Lady_Hammond                        DFO R,V Lady Hammond  
owner_dataset    DFO_RV_Needler                             DFO R,V Needler  
owner_dataset    DFO_RV_Prince_A_White                      DFO R,V Prince, A. White  
owner_dataset    DFO_RV_Teleost                             DFO R,V Teleost  
owner_dataset    Wilson_DP                                  Douglas P. Wilson  
owner_dataset    Malej_A                                    Dr. Alenka Malej  
owner_dataset    Sullivan_B                                 Dr. Barbara Sullivan  
owner_dataset    Gonzalez_HE                                Dr. Humberto E. Gonzalez  
owner_dataset    Madin_L                                    Dr. Laurence  Madin  
owner_dataset    Madin_L                                    Dr. Laurence P. Madin  
owner_dataset    Condon_R                                   Dr. Rob Condon  
owner_dataset    Duke_for_MMS                               Duke University For Minerals Management Service,Bureau of Land Management BLM,MMS  
owner_dataset    Dasilveira_F_Morandini_A                   F. Dasilveira & A. Morandini  
owner_dataset    Franz_HG_et_al                             Franz, H.G. et al.  
owner_dataset    Miller_G                                   G Miller       
owner_dataset    Jacobs_G                                   G. Jacobs      
owner_dataset    Shaefer_G                                  G. Shaefer     
owner_dataset    Galathea_II_Expd                           Galathea II Danish Deep Sea Expedition 1950-52  
owner_dataset    OFarrell_G                                 Genevieve O'Farrell  
owner_dataset    Genzano_G_Mianzan_H                        Genzano G. & H. Mianzan  
owner_dataset    Georgia_MR_for_MMS                         Georgia Marine Resources For Minerals Management Service,Bureau Land Management BLM,MMS  
owner_dataset    Gibbs_Roper                                Gibbs & Roper  
owner_dataset    Gibss_R                                    Gibss Roper    
owner_dataset    Gieskes_J                                  Gieskes, Joris  
owner_dataset    Gorsky_G_Stemmann_L                        Gorsky G. & L. Stemmann  
owner_dataset    Greene_G                                   Greene, Gary   
owner_dataset    Bosch_H                                    H. Bosch       
owner_dataset    Bullis_H                                   H. Bullis      
owner_dataset    Hudson_RJ_Walker_TI                        Hudson, R.J. & T.I Walker  
owner_dataset    Mason_I                                    I. Mason       
owner_dataset    Suthers_IM                                 Iain M. Suthers  
owner_dataset    Purcell_J_Decker_M                         J Purcell, M Decker  
owner_dataset    Atkins_J                                   J. Atkins      
owner_dataset    Fincher_J                                  J. Fincher     
owner_dataset    Gutsell_J                                  J. Gutsell     
owner_dataset    Joseph_J_Forsbergh_E                       J. Joseph & E. Forsbergh  
owner_dataset    Morrison_J                                 J. Morrison    
owner_dataset    Norenburg_J_Morse_P                        J. Norenburg & P. Morse  
owner_dataset    Rutherford_J                               J. Rutherford  
owner_dataset    Spaulding_J_Fraser_L                       J. Spaulding & L. Fraser  
owner_dataset    Spaulding_J_Fraser_L                       J. Spaulding & L. Fraser  
owner_dataset    Tyler_J                                    J. Tyler       
owner_dataset    Johnson_J                                  Jacquieline Johnson  
owner_dataset    Loveridge_J                                Jan Loveridge  
owner_dataset    Picton_J                                   Jane Picton    
owner_dataset    Jannasch_H                                 Jannasch, Hans  
owner_dataset    Japan_Fisheries_Info_Srvc_Ctr              Japan Fisheries Information Service Center  
owner_dataset    Jarms_G_et_al                              Jarms, G. et al.     
owner_dataset    Purcell_J                                  Jennifer Purcell  
owner_dataset    Jones_Dawson_Rodiniche                     Jones, Dawson & Rodiniche  
owner_dataset    Bruce_JR                                   JR Bruce       
owner_dataset    Soloviov_KA_Basin_A                        K.A.Soloviov, A. Basin  
owner_dataset    Kosobokova_KN_Hansen_H_Timofeev_S          K.N.Kosobokova, H.Hansen, S.Timofeev  
owner_dataset    Kosobokova_KN_Soloviov_KA                  K.N.Kosobokova, K.A.Soloviov  
owner_dataset    Kosobokova_KN_Spiridonov_VA                K.N.Kosobokova, V.A.Spiridonov  
owner_dataset    Pitt_K                                     Kylie Pitt     
owner_dataset    Madin_L                                    L. Madin       
owner_dataset    LDGO                                       Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory  
owner_dataset    Larson_Lea                                 Larson & Lea   
owner_dataset    Lucien_L                                   LAUBIER Lucien  
owner_dataset    Madin_L                                    Laurence Madin  
owner_dataset    Burkenroad_M                               M. Burkenroad  
owner_dataset    Jones_M                                    M. Jones       
owner_dataset    Lehtiniemi_M                               Maiju Lehtiniemi  
owner_dataset    Matsumoto_G                                Matsumoto, George  
owner_dataset    MBARI;_Haddock_S                           MBARI, Dr. Steven Haddock  
owner_dataset    McKinney_Roumillat                         McKinney & Roumillat  
owner_dataset    Kingsford_M                                Michael Kingsford  
owner_dataset    Migotto_AE_et_al                           Migotto A.E., Oliveira O.M.P., Borges J. E., Silveira F.L., Marques A.C., Longo L.L.  
owner_dataset    Migotto_AE_et_al                           Migotto A.E., Oliveira O.M.P., Borges J.E., Silveira F.L., Marques A.C., Longo L.L.  
owner_dataset    Miller_RJ_Daan_R                           Miller, R.J & R. Daan  
owner_dataset    Miloa_AC                                   Miloa, A, C    
owner_dataset    MBARI                                      Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute(MBARI)  
owner_dataset    Pertzova_NM_Kosobokova_KN                  N.M. Pertzova, K.N.Kosobokova  
owner_dataset    US_ACE                                     Northern Ecological Association (collected by U.S. Army Corps Engineers)  
owner_dataset    Orphan_V                                   Orphan, Victoria  
owner_dataset    Taylor_P                                   Pete Taylor    
owner_dataset    Montoya_P_Barrios_LM                       Phanor Montoya, Lina Maria Barrios  
owner_dataset    Port_Erin_Marine_Lab                       Port Erin Marine Laboratory, (Uni. Liverpool), Isl  
owner_dataset    Dyer_R                                     R. Dyer        
owner_dataset    Hellmann_R                                 R. Hellmann    
owner_dataset    Hellmann_R_Nutt_B                          R. Hellmann & B. Nutt  
owner_dataset    Larson_R                                   R. Larson      
owner_dataset    Ranger_St_Abbs_Eyemouth_VMR                Ranger - St Abbs & Eyemouth VMR  
owner_dataset    Wilson_R                                   Richard Wilson  
owner_dataset    Roberts_Stewart                            Roberts & Stewart  
owner_dataset    Robison_B                                  Robison, Bruce  
owner_dataset    Crest_S                                    S. Crest       
owner_dataset    Olson_S_Sylvia_C                           S. Olson & C. Sylvia  
owner_dataset    Ross_S_et_al                               S. Ross, K. Sulak, M. Nizinski & E. Baird  
owner_dataset    Sa_tje_I_et_al                             Sa tje,I. et al.  
owner_dataset    Scottish_EPA                               Scottish Environmental Protection Agency  
owner_dataset    SIO                                        Scripps        
owner_dataset    SIO                                        Scripps Institution of Oceanography  
owner_dataset    Seidel_E                                   Seidel, Ed     
owner_dataset    Smith_Harger                               Smith & Harger  
owner_dataset    Smithsonian_Oce_Sort_Ctr                   Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center  
owner_dataset    So_Carolina_Marine_Rsrcs_For_MMS           South Carolina Marine Resources For BLM;MMS  
owner_dataset    Southwest_Rsrch_Inst_For_MMS               Southwest Research Institute For BLM;MMS  
owner_dataset    Stakes_D                                   Stakes, Debra  
owner_dataset    Stemler_Sweeney                            Stemler & Sweeney, M. Sweeney & K. Stemler  
owner_dataset    Dranga_T                                   T. Dranga      
owner_dataset    Bennett_T                                  Teresa Bennett  
owner_dataset    Texas_AM                                   Texas A & M University  
owner_dataset    USBF                                       United States Bureau of Fisheries  
owner_dataset    USFC                                       United States Fish Commission  
owner_dataset    USNMFS                                     United States National Marine Fisheries Service  
owner_dataset    U_Georgia                                  University of Georgia  
owner_dataset    U_Miami                                    University of Miami  
owner_dataset    USC                                        University of Southern California  
owner_dataset    Edwards_E                                  V. Edwards     
owner_dataset    van_derBaan_SM                             van der Baan, S.M.  
owner_dataset    van_derVeer_HW_et_al                       van der Veer, H.W. et al.  
owner_dataset    VIMS                                       VIMS for BLM,MMS  
owner_dataset    Childers_W                                 W. Childers    
owner_dataset    Klawe_W                                    W. Klawe       
owner_dataset    Littlewood_W                               W. Littlewood  
owner_dataset    Nye_W                                      W. Nye         
owner_dataset    Palmer_W                                   W. Palmer      
owner_dataset    Stafford_W                                 W. Safford     
owner_dataset    Schmitt_W                                  W. Schmitt     
owner_dataset    Tressler_W                                 W. Tressler    
owner_dataset    Warren_Fish_Co                             Warren Fish Company, Pensacola, Florida  
owner_dataset    Whaling_P                                  Whaling, Patrick  
owner_dataset    Wildish_D                                  Wildish, Dave  
owner_dataset    Greve_W                                    Wulf Greve     
contact          Coleman_N_Pitt_K                           Dr. Noel Coleman & Dr. Kylie Pitt  
contact          NIPR_Uye_S                                 National  Institute ofPolar Research, Dr. Shin-ichi Uye  
contact          Ohman_MD                                   Dr. Mark D. Ohman  
contact          OBrien_T                                   Todd O'Brien   
contact          Lucas_C_Robinson_K_Bogeberg_M              Dr. Cathy Lucas,Kelly Robinson,Molly Bogeberg  
contact          Smithsonian_Rsch_Coll_Info_System          Department of Invertebrate Zoology,Research and Collections Information System,NMNH,Smithsonian Institution  
contact          FieldNotes_Ricketts_Ed_1946                Field notes: biota assessment of marine habitats in the Haida Gwaii Marine area., Ricketts, Ed. 1946  
contact          SAHFOS_CPR                                 Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) data from the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS).  
contact          Berkeley_E_Berkeley_C_1960                 Some further records of pelagic Polychaeta from the northeast Pacific north of latitude 40N and east of longitude 175W, together with records of Siphonophora Mollusca, and Tunicata from the same region., Berkeley, E. and C. Berkeley. 1960  
contact          Searing_GF_1987                            A Proposed National Marine Park in the Southern Moresby Island Area,Queen Charlotte Islands: Marine Resources and Issues, Searing,G.F 1987  
contact          Alfred_Wegener_Institut                    Alfred Wegener Institut fur Polar- und Meeresforschung, Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft,Germany,Macrozoobenthos data from the southeastern North Sea in 2000. http://www.vliz.be/vmdcdata/nsbp. accessed on [yyyy/mm/dd]  
contact          Amaral_AC_Rizzo_AE_Arruda_EP(Ed)_2005      AMARAL A.C,RIZZO A.E,ARRUDA E.P.(Ed.) 2005. Manual de Identificacao dos Invertebrados Marinhos da Regiao Sudeste-Sul do Brasil Editora da Universidade de Sao Paulo (EDUSP) - Sao Paulo v. 1 p. 1-270.  
contact          NIWA_OBIS                                  Any use of these data should acknowledge NIWA OBIS and include the URL nzobis.niwa.co.nz  
contact          Brinckmann-Voss_A_1974                     British Columbia marine faunistic survey report on the Hydrozoa, Part I. Medusae., Brinckmann-Voss, Anita. 1974  
contact          Canadian_Museum_of_Nature_Invert_Coll      Canadian Museum of Nature Invertebrate Collection.  
contact          CEFAS_UK                                   CEFAS. UK. Macrobenthos from English waters between 2000-2002. http://www.vliz.be/vmdcdata/nsbp. accessed on [yyyy/mm/dd]  
contact          Data_Report49_Perry_R_et_al_1981           Data Report 49,Ship-of-Opportunity Program (May 1979-June 1980),Perry R.I.,B.R. Dilke,G.C. Louttit and S. McKinnel. 1981  
contact          Burger_AE_Powell_DW_1990                   Diving depths and diet of Cassin',s auklet at Reef Island,British Columbia.,Burger,AE, Powell,DW. 1990  
contact          Fulton_J_Arai_MN_Mason_JC_1982             Euphausiids, coelenterates, ctenophores, and  zooplankton from the Canadian Pacific Coast Ichthyoplankton Survey, 1980., Fulton, J., M.N. Arai and J.C. Mason. 1982  
contact          Austin_WC_1976                             Field notes: biota assessment of marine habitats in the Haida Gwaii marine area., Austin, W.C.. 1976  
contact          Austin_WC_1977                             Field notes: biota assessment of marine habitats in the Haida Gwaii Marine area., Austin, W.C.. 1977  
contact          Austin_WC_1980                             Field notes: biota assessment of marine habitats in the Haida Gwaii Marine area., Austin, W.C.. 1980  
contact          Fockedey_N_et_al_2004                      Fockedey N., Beyst, B., Cattrijsse, A., Dewicke A., Deneudt, K., Mees J., Vincx, M.(2004). Historical hyperbenthos data (1987-2001) from the North Sea and some adjacent areas. Collaboration between Ghent University (UGent), Biology Department, Marine Biol  
contact          Fraser_CM_1936                             Hydroid distribution in the vicinity of the Queen Charlotte Islands., Fraser, C.M.. 1936  
contact          Fraser_CM_McLean_1936                      Hydroids from the Queen Charlotte Islands., Fraser, C. McLean. 1936  
contact          Arai_MN_Brinckmann-Voss_A_1980             Hydromedusae of British Columbia and Puget Sound, Arai, M.N. and A. Brinckmann-Voss. 1980  
contact          MarBEF_LargeNet                            MarBEF/LargeNet  
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contact          SOC                                        Southampton Oceanography Center  
contact          SOC                                        Southampton Oceanography Centre  
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contact          Royal_British_Columbia_Museum_Invert_Coll  Royal British Columbia Museum Invertebrate Collection.  
contact          Smithsonian_Env_Rsrch_Ctr                  Smithsonian Environmental Research Center  
location         ChespkBay_and_MD_Tributaries               Chesapeake Bay and Tidal Tributaries in the state of Maryland  
location         Jervis_Bay_100m_station                    Jervis Bay - 100m station  
location         Port_Hacking_100m_station                  Port Hacking - 100m station  
location         Inside_ring_approx_7_mi_from_center        Inside ring ~7 miles from center  
study_type       presence_absence                           Presence/absence