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# Census data from artificial and transplant reefs
#  (From sub-project "Interactions between native Nassau grouper and
#    invasive lionfish")
# Lead PI: Mark Hixon (OSU)
# Sub-Project Lead: Timothy J. Pusack (OSU)
# Version: 29 May 2013
# For definitions of species codes, see the species
# list.
site                              lat_site   lon_site   
Artificial_and_Transplant_Reefs   23.75047   -76.14035  
location  reef_type  
A-00      ART        
A-01      ART        
A-02      ART        
A-03      ART        
A-04      ART        
A-05      ART        
A-06      ART        
A-07      ART        
A-08      ART        
A-09      ART        
A-10      ART        
A-11      ART        
A-12      ART        
A-13      ART        
A-14      ART        
A-15      ART