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# Feeding physiology of M. californianus larvae in OA conditions
# PI: George Waldbusser (Oregon State University)
# Co-PIs: Chris Langdon, Burke Hales, & Brian Haley (Oregon State University)
# Version: 16 November 2016
treatment   pCO2_category  aragonite_sat_category  
Control_T9  Control        Control                 
Ha          High           Low                     
Hb          High           Med-low                 
Hc          High           Med-High                
Hd          High           High                    
La          Low            Low                     
Lb          Low            Med-low                 
Lc          Low            Med-High                
Ld          Low            High                    
Mha         Med-High       Low                     
Mhb         Med-High       Med-low                 
Mhc         Med-High       Med-High                
Mhd         Med-High       High                    
Mla         Med-low        Low                     
Mlb         Med-low        Med-low                 
Mlc         Med-low        Med-High                
Mld         Med-low        High