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#  octocoral transects - species list 
#    Species found during transect surveys at four sites on the south shore of St. John, US Virgin Islands in June-August 2018. 
#   H. Lasker (U. Buffalo)
#   version: 2019-04-18
Species_code  Genus_Species                       Genus             Species                    
aa            Antillogorgia americana             Antillogorgia     americana                  
aalb          Antillogorgia albatrossae           Antillogorgia     albatrossae                
ab            Antillogorgia bipinnata             Antillogorgia     bipinnata                  
abl           Antillogorgia blanquillensis        Antillogorgia     blanquillensis             
ac            Antillogorgia acerosa               Antillogorgia     acerosa                    
ae            Antillogorgia elisabethae           Antillogorgia     elisabethae                
ah            Antillogorgia hummelincki           Antillogorgia     hummelincki                
ak            Antillogorgia kallos                Antillogorgia     kallos                     
an            Antillogorgia navia                 Antillogorgia     navia                      
ar            Antillogorgia rigida                Antillogorgia     rigida                     
asp           Antillogorgia sp                    Antillogorgia     sp                         
ax            Antillogorgia hystrix               Antillogorgia     hystrix                    
bae           Briareum asbestinum (encrusting)    Briareum          asbestinum (encrusting)    
ban           Briareum asbestinum (nodular)       Briareum          asbestinum (nodular)       
bau           Briareum asbestinum (upright)       Briareum          asbestinum (upright)       
ea            Eunicea asperula                    Eunicea           asperula                   
ec            Eunicea calyculata                  Eunicea           calyculata                 
ecc           Eunicea calyculata f. coronata      Eunicea           calyculata f. coronata     
ecl           Eunicea clavigera                   Eunicea           clavigera                  
efl           Eunicea flexuosa                    Eunicea           flexuosa                   
efu           Eunicea fusca                       Eunicea           fusca                      
ek            Eunicea knighti                     Eunicea           knighti                    
elc           Eunicea lacinata                    Eunicea           lacinata                   
elx           Eunicea laxispica                   Eunicea           laxispica                  
em            Eunicea mammosa                     Eunicea           mammosa                    
epa           Eunicea palmeri                     Eunicea           palmeri                    
epi           Eunicea pinta                       Eunicea           pinta                      
epl           Eunicea pallida                     Eunicea           pallida                    
ery           Erythropodium caribaeorum           Erythropodium     caribaeorum                
esp           Eunicea sp                          Eunicea           sp                         
esu           Eunicea succinea                    Eunicea           succinea                   
esup          Eunicea succinea f. plantaginea     Eunicea           succinea f. plantaginea    
eta           Eunicea tayrona                     Eunicea           tayrona                    
eto           Eunicea tourneforti                 Eunicea           tourneforti                
etoa          Eunicea tourneforti f. atra         Eunicea           tourneforti f. atra        
gf            Gorgonia flabellum                  Gorgonia          flabellum                  
gm            Gorgonia mariae                     Gorgonia          mariae                     
gv            Gorgonia ventalina                  Gorgonia          ventalina                  
ma            Muricea atlantica                   Muricea           atlantica                  
me            Muricea elongata                    Muricea           elongata                   
mf            Muriceopsis flavida                 Muriceopsis       flavida                    
ml            Muricea laxa                        Muricea           laxa                       
mm            Muricea muricata                    Muricea           muricata                   
mpe           Muricea pendula                     Muricea           pendula                    
mpi           Muricea pinnata                     Muricea           pinnata                    
mpi           Muriceopsis petila                  Muriceopsis       petila                     
mpsp          Muriceopsis sp                      Muriceopsis       sp                         
ms            Muriceopsis sulphurea               Muriceopsis       sulphurea                  
msp           Muricea sp                          Muricea           sp                         
pa            Pterogorgia anceps                  Pterogorgia       anceps                     
pc            Pseudoplexaura crucis               Pseudoplexaura    crucis                     
pci           Pterogorgia citrina                 Pterogorgia       citrina                    
pd            Plexaurella dichotoma               Plexaurella       dichotoma                  
pf            Pseudoplexaura flagellosa           Pseudoplexaura    flagellosa                 
pfu           Plexaurella fusifera                Plexaurella       fusifera                   
pg            Plexaurella grisea                  Plexaurella       grisea                     
pgu           Pterogorgia guadalupensis           Pterogorgia       guadalupensis              
ph            Plexaura homomalla                  Plexaura          homomalla                  
phk           Plexaura homomalla f. kukenthali    Plexaura          homomalla f. kukenthali    
pk            Plexaura kuna                       Plexaura          kuna                       
pllsp         Plexaurella sp                      Plexaurella       sp                         
plxsp         Plexaura sp                         Plexaura          sp                         
pn            Plexaura nina                       Plexaura          nina                       
pnu           Plexaurella nutans                  Plexaurella       nutans                     
pp            Pseudoplexaura porosa               Pseudoplexaura    porosa                     
pssp          Pseudoplexaura sp                   Pseudoplexaura    sp                         
ptsp          Pterogorgia sp                      Pterogorgia       sp                         
pw            Pseudoplexaura wagenaari            Pseudoplexaura    wagenaari                  
nd            nd                                  nd                nd