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#   Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project data (MMETSP)
#     Eukaryote transcriptome assemblies and associated metadata available on iMicrobe
#   S. Dyhrman (LDEO)
#   version: 2016-05-20
species                       sp_code  nutrients  CO2_treatment  iMicrobe_accession  
all                           nd       nd         nd             MMETSP_site  
Prorocentrum minimum          Pmi      replete    modern CO2     MMETSP0053  
Prorocentrum minimum          Pmi      replete    future CO2     MMETSP0057  
Chaetoceros affinis           Caf      replete    modern CO2     MMETSP0088  
Chaetoceros affinis           Caf      replete    future CO2     MMETSP0092  
Alexandrium monilatum         Amo      replete    modern CO2     MMETSP0093  
Alexandrium monilatum         Amo      replete    future CO2     MMETSP0097  
Chyrsochromulina polylepis    Cpo      replete    modern CO2     MMETSP0143  
Chrysochromulina polylepis    Cpo      replete    future CO2     MMETSP0147  
Heterosigma akashiwo          Hak      replete    modern CO2     MMETSP0292  
Heterosigma akashiwo          Hak      replete    future CO2     MMETSP0296  
Gephyrocapsa oceanica         Goc      replete    modern CO2     MMETSP1363  
Gephyrocapsa oceanica         Goc      replete    future CO2     MMETSP1364