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# Comparison of coral calcification response in Palau Porites coral to reponses observed in other studies
# PI: Anne Cohen (WHOI)
# Contact: Hannah Barkley (WHOI)
# Version: 30 June 2017
reference               site          study_type    
Albright_et_al._2008    Florida       Laboratory    
Anthony_et_al._2008     Australia     Laboratory    
Barkley_et_al._2015     Palau         Field         
Barkley_et_al._2017     Palau         Laboratory    
Barkley_et_al._2017     Palau         Transplant    
Comeau_et_al._2014      Hawaii        Laboratory    
Comeau_et_al._2014      Japan         Laboratory    
Comeau_et_al._2014      Moorea        Laboratory    
Crook_et_al_2013        Yucatan       Field         
dePutron_et_al._2011    Bermuda       Laboratory    
Edmunds_2012            Moorea        Laboratory    
Enochs_et_al._2015      Maug          Field         
Iguchi_et_al._2012      Japan         Laboratory    
Manzello_et_al._2014    Galapagos     Field         
Ohde_and_Hossain_2004   Japan         Laboratory