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#   Coral species: Guam 2014
#   K. Kim (American U.)
#   version: 2020-12-15
taxon_code  species                              genus            family              clade            comments  
AABR        Acropora abrotanoides                Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AACM        Acropora acuminata                   Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AACU        Acropora aculeus                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AASP        Acropora aspera                      Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AAUS        Acropora austera                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AAZU        Acropora azurea                      Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACAR        Acropora sp. - arborescent           Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACCC        Acropora sp. - caespito-corymbose    Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACCE        Acropora sp. - caespitose            Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACCO        Acropora sp. - corymbose             Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACDI        Acropora sp. - digitate              Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACEN        Acanthastrea sp. - encrusting        Acanthastrea     Mussidae            Robust           nd        
ACER        Acropora cerealis                    Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACOP        Acropora cophodactyla                Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACPT        Acropora sp. - plate or table        Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ACSM        Acanthastrea sp. - submassive        Acanthastrea     Mussidae            Robust           nd        
ACSP        Acropora sp. - other                 Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ADIG        Acropora digitifera                  Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AECH        Acanthastrea echinata                Acanthastrea     Mussidae            Robust           nd        
AELL        Astreopora elliptica                 Astreopora       Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AFEN        Alveopora fenestrata                 Alveopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
AGEM        Acropora gemmifera                   Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AGLO        Acropora globiceps                   Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AGRA        Acropora granulosa                   Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AHIL        Acanthastrea hillae                  Acanthastrea     Mussidae            Robust           nd        
AHUM        Acropora humilis                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ALAT        Acropora latistella                  Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ALIS        Acropora listeri                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ALSP        Alveopora sp.                        Alveopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
ALUT        Acropora lutkeni                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AMON        Acropora monticulosa                 Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AMUR        Acropora muricata                    Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AMYR        Astreopora myriophthalma             Astreopora       Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ANAN        Acropora nana                        Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ANAS        Acropora nasuta                      Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
APAL        Acropora palmerae                    Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
APAN        Acropora paniculata                  Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
APOL        Acropora polystoma                   Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
APUL        Acropora pulchra                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AQUE        Acropora quelchi                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ARAN        Astreopora randalli                  Astreopora       Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AREG        Acanthastrea regularis               Acanthastrea     Mussidae            Robust           nd        
ASCA        Astreopora scabra                    Astreopora       Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ASEC        Acropora secale                      Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ASEL        Acropora selago                      Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ASGR        Astreopora gracilis                  Astreopora       Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ASLI        Astreopora listeri                   Astreopora       Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ASPO        Alveopora spongiosa                  Alveopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
ASSP        Astreopora sp.                       Astreopora       Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ASUR        Acropora surculosa                   Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ATEN        Acropora tenuis                      Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
ATER        Acropora teres                       Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AVAL        Acropora valida                      Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AVAU        Acropora vaughani                    Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AVER        Acropora verweyi                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AVIR        Acropora virgata                     Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
AWAR        Acropora wardii                      Acropora         Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
CAGA        Cyphastrea agassizi                  Cyphastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
CALB        Ctenactis albitentaculata            Ctenactis        Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
CCHA        Cyphastrea chalcidicum               Cyphastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
CCOC        Coscinaraea columna - columnar       Coscinaraea      Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
CCOE        Coscinaraea columna - encrusting     Coscinaraea      Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
CCOS        Cycloseris costulata                 Cycloseris       Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
CECH        Ctenactis echinata                   Ctenactis        Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
CEXE        Coscinaraea exesa                    Coscinaraea      Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
CLAC        Cynarina lacrymalis                  Cynarina         Mussidae            Robust           nd        
CMIC        Cyphastrea microphthalma             Cyphastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
CSER        Cyphastrea serailia                  Cyphastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
CTEN        Cycloseris tenuis                    Cycloseris       Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
CVAU        Cycloseris vaughani                  Cycloseris       Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
CYCL        Cycloseris sp.                       Cycloseris       Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
CYPS        Cyphastrea sp.                       Cyphastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
DHEL        Diploastrea heliopora                Diploastrea      Faviidae            Robust           nd        
DVIO        Distichopora violacea                Distichopora     Stylasteridae       NA               nd        
EASP        Echinophyllia aspera                 Echinophyllia    Pectiniidae         Robust           nd        
ECHL        Echinophyllia sp.                    Echinophyllia    Pectiniidae         Robust           nd        
ECRI        Euphyllia cristata                   Euphyllia        Caryophyllidae      Complex          nd        
EECH        Echinophyllia echinata               Echinophyllia    Pectiniidae         Robust           nd        
EGLA        Euphyllia glabrescens                Euphyllia        Caryophyllidae      Complex          nd        
ELAM        Echinopora lamellosa                 Echinopora       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
EPAC        Echinopora pacificus                 Echinopora       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
EPAR        Euphyllia paraancora                 Euphyllia        Caryophyllidae      Complex          nd        
FABD        Favites abdita                       Favites          Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FASP        Favia sp.                            Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FAVS        Favites sp.                          Favites          Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FCON        Fungia concinna                      Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FCRA        Favites crassisepta                  Favites          Merulinidae         Robust           updated family: changed Faviidae to Merulinidae;2020-12-15  
FDAN        Favia danae                          Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FFAV        Favia favus                          Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FFLE        Favites flexuosa                     Favites          Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FFUN        Fungia fungites                      Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FGRA        Fungia granulosa                     Favia            Fungiidae           Robust           same as FGRN; likely transcription error: changed from genus Favia to Fungia and family from Faviidae to Fungiidae. Note: accepted name is Pleuractis granulosa;2020-12-15  
FGRN        Fungia granulosa                     Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           same as FGRA; Note: accepted name is Pleuractis granulosa;2020-12-15  
FHEL        Favia helianthoides                  Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FHOR        Fungia horrida                       Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FMAR        Favia maritima                       Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FMAT        Favia matthaii                       Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FMOL        Fungia moluccensis                   Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FPAL        Favia pallida                        Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FPAU        Fungia paumotensis                   Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FREP        Fungia repanda                       Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FROT        Favia rotundata                      Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FRUS        Favites russelli                     Favites          Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FSCR        Fungia scruposa                      Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FSCU        Fungia scutaria                      Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FSPI        Fungia spinifer                      Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FSTE        Favia stelligera                     Favia            Faviidae            Robust           nd        
FTAI        Fungia taiwanensis                   Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FUDA        Fungia danai                         Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
FUSP        Fungia sp.                           Fungia           Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
GASP        Galaxea sp.                          Galaxea          Oculinidae          Complex          nd        
GAST        Galaxea astreata                     Galaxea          Oculinidae          Complex          nd        
GCOL        Goniopora columna                    Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GECL        Goniopora eclipsensis                Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GEDW        Goniastrea edwardsi                  Goniastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
GFAS        Galaxea fascicularis                 Galaxea          Oculinidae          Complex          nd        
GFRU        Goniopora fruticosa                  Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GHOR        Galaxea horrescens                   Galaxea          Oculinidae          Complex          nd        
GLOB        Goniopora lobata                     Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GLON        Galaxea longisepta                   Galaxea          Oculinidae          Complex          nd        
GMIN        Goniopora minor                      Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GMNU        Goniopora minuta                     Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GNOR        Goniopora norfolkensis               Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GOPL        Goniopora platylobus                 Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GOSP        Goniopora sp.                        Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GPAN        Goniopora pandoraensis               Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GPEC        Goniastrea pectinata                 Goniastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
GPLA        Gardineroseris planulata             Gardineroseris   Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
GRET        Goniastrea retiformis                Goniastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
GSOM        Goniopora somaliensis                Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
GTEN        Goniopora tenuidens                  Goniopora        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
HCLA        Halomitra clavator                   Halomitra        Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
HCOE        Heliopora coerulea                   Heliopora        Helioporidae        NA               nd        
HEXE        Hydnophora exesa                     Hydnophora       Merulinidae         Robust           nd        
HEXP        Hydnophora expansa                   Hydnophora       Merulinidae         Robust           nd        
HLIM        Herpolitha limax                     Herpolitha       Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
HMIC        Hydnophora microconos                Hydnophora       Merulinidae         Robust           nd        
HPIL        Halomitra pileus                     Halomitra        Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
HWEB        Herpolitha weberi                    Herpolitha       Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
IPAL        Isopora palifera                     Isopora          Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
LCOR        Lobophyllia corymbosa                Lobophyllia      Mussidae            Robust           nd        
LESP        Leptastrea sp.                       Leptastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
LEXP        Leptoseris explanata                 Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LFLA        Lobophyllia flabelliformis           Lobophyllia      Mussidae            Robust           nd        
LFOL        Leptoseris foliosa                   Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LGAR        Leptoseris gardineri                 Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LHAT        Lobophyllia hataii                   Lobophyllia      Mussidae            Robust           nd        
LHAW        Leptoseris hawaiiensis               Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LHEM        Lobophyllia hemprichii               Lobophyllia      Mussidae            Robust           nd        
LINC        Leptoseris incrustans                Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LMOK        Lithopyllon mokai                    Lithophyllon     Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
LMYC        Leptoseris mycetoseroides            Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LPAP        Leptoseris papyracea                 Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LPHR        Leptoria phrygia                     Leptoria         Faviidae            Robust           nd        
LPRU        Leptastrea pruinosa                  Leptastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
LPSP        Leptoseris sp.                       Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LPUR        Leptastrea purpurea                  Leptastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
LSCA        Leptoseris scabra                    Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LSOL        Leptoseris solida                    Leptoseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
LTRA        Leptastrea transversa                Leptastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
MACA        Montipora acanthella                 Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MAMP        Merulina ampliata                    Merulina         Merulinidae         Robust           nd        
MCAL        Montipora caliculata                 Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MCRA        Montipora crassituberculata          Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MCUR        Montastrea curta                     Montastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
MDAN        Montipora danae                      Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MDIC        Millepora dichotoma                  Millepora        Milleporidae        NA               nd        
MEFF        Montipora efflorescens               Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MELE        Mycedium elephantotus                Mycedium         Pectiniidae         Robust           nd        
MELS        Montipora elschneri                  Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MFLO        Montipora floweri                    Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MFOL        Montipora foliosa                    Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MFOV        Montipora foveolata                  Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MGRI        Montipora grisea                     Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MHOF        Montipora hoffmeisteri               Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MINF        Montipora informis                   Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MIPL        Millepora platyphylla                Millepora        Milleporidae        NA               nd        
MISP        Millepora sp.                        Millepora        Milleporidae        NA               nd        
MITU        Millepora tuberosa                   Millepora        Milleporidae        NA               nd        
MLAT        Millepora latifolia                  Millepora        Milleporidae        NA               nd        
MLOB        Montipora lobulata                   Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MMAG        Montastrea magnistellata             Montastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
MMON        Montipora monasteriata               Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MMYR        Montipora myriophthalma              Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MNOD        Montipora nodosa                     Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MONT        Montastrea sp.                       Montastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
MOSP        Montipora sp.                        Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MPLA        Montipora planiuscula                Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MSCA        Merulina scabricula                  Merulina         Merulinidae         Robust           nd        
MSTI        Montipora stilosa                    Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MSTU        Montipora studeri                    Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MTUB        Montipora tuberculosa                Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MVAL        Montastrea valenciennesi             Montastrea       Faviidae            Robust           nd        
MVEN        Montipora venosa                     Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MVER        Montipora verrucosa                  Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
MVRL        Montipora verrilli                   Montipora        Acroporidae         Complex          nd        
NONE        No colonies within quadrat           NA               NA                  NA               nd        
OCRI        Oulophyllia crispa                   Oulophyllia      Faviidae            Robust           nd        
PADA        Pavona danai                         Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PALB        Pavona albomarginata                 Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PANK        Pocillopora ankeli                   Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PANN        Porites annae                        Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PAUS        Porites australiensis                Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PAVS        Pavona sp.                           Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PBIP        Pavona bipartita                     Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PBRA        Porites sp. - branching              Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PCAC        Pavona cactus                        Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PCHI        Pavona chiriquiensis                 Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PCLA        Pavona clavus                        Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PCON        Pocillopora coniculus                Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PCYL        Porites cylindrica                   Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PDAE        Platgyra daedalea                    Platygyra        Faviidae            Robust           nd        
PDAM        Pocillopora damicornis               Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PDAN        Pocillopora danae                    Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PDEC        Pavona decussata                     Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PDEF        Porites deformis                     Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PDEN        Porites densa                        Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PDIF        Pavona diffluens                     Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PDIG        Psammocora digitata                  Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PDIV        Pavona divaricata                    Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PDUE        Pavona duerdini                      Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PELE        Pocillopora elegans                  Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PEXP        Pavona explanulata                   Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PEYD        Pocillopora eydouxi                  Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PFRO        Pavona frondifera                    Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PHAI        Psammocora haimeana                  Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PHOR        Porites horizontalata                Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PLIC        Porites lichen                       Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PLIG        Pocillopora ligulata                 Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PLOB        Porites lobata                       Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PLOC        Psammocora loculata                  Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PLSP        Platygyra sp.                        Platygyra        Faviidae            Robust           nd        
PLUT        Porites lutea                        Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PLVE        Plesiastrea versipora                Plesiastrea      Faviidae            Robust           nd        
PMAL        Pavona maldivensis                   Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PMAM        Porites mammalata                    Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PMAY        Porites mayeri                       Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PMEA        Pocillopora meandrina                Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PMIN        Pavona minuta                        Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PMON        Porites monticulosa                  Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PMUR        Porites murrayensis                  Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PMYR        Porites myrmidonensis                Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PNEU        Pocillopora neudeckeri               Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PNIE        Psammocora nierstraszi               Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PNOD        Pocillopora nodulosa                 Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
POBT        Psammocora obtusangula               Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
POCS        Pocillopora sp.                      Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
POEN        Porites sp. - encrusting             Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
POSB        Porites sp. - submassive             Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
POSM        Porites sp. - massive                Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
POSP        Porites sp. - other                  Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
POST        Porites stephensoni                  Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PPAE        Pectinia paeonia                     Pectinia         Pectiniidae         Robust           nd        
PPIN        Platygyra pini                       Platygyra        Faviidae            Robust           nd        
PPRO        Psammocora profundacella             Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PROS        Psammocora rosacea                   Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PRUS        Porites rus                          Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PSCO        Psammocora contigua                  Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PSET        Pocillopora setchelli                Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PSEX        Psammocora explanulata               Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PSIM        Plerogyra simplex                    Platygyra        Caryophyllidae      Robust           nd        
PSNO        Psammocora nodulosa                  Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PSOL        Porites solida                       Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PSPE        Pachyeris speciosa                   Pachyseris       Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PSSP        Psammocora sp.                       Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PSTE        Psammocora stellata                  Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PSUP        Porites superfusa                    Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PSUP        Psammocora superficialis             Psammocora       Siderastreidae      Robust           nd        
PTAL        Polyphyllia talpina                  Polyphyllia      Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
PVAR        Pavona varians                       Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PVAU        Porites vaughani                     Porites          Poritidae           Complex          nd        
PVEN        Pavona venosa                        Pavona           Agariciidae         Complex          nd        
PVER        Pocillopora verrucosa                Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
PWOO        Pocillopora woodjonesi               Pocillopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
SACU        Seriatopora aculeata                 Seriatopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
SARM        Stylocoeniella armata                Stylocoeniella   Astrocoeniidae      Robust           nd        
SAUS        Scolymia australis                   Scolymia         Mussidae            Robust           nd        
SCSP        Scolymia sp.                         Scolymia         Mussidae            Robust           nd        
SCYL        Scapophyllia cylindrica              Scapophyllia     Merulinidae         Robust           nd        
SDEN        Sandolitha dentata                   Sandolitha       Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
SGUE        Stylocoeniella guentheri             Stylocoeniella   Astrocoeniidae      Robust           nd        
SHYS        Seriatopora hystrix                  Seriatopora      Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
SMOR        Stylophora mordax                    Stylophora       Pocilloporidae      Robust           nd        
SPUN        Stylaraea punctata                   Stylaraea        Poritidae           Complex          nd        
SROB        Sandolitha robusta                   Sandolitha       Fungiidae           Robust           nd        
STYL        Stylaster sp.                        Stylaster        Stylasteridae       NA               nd        
SVAL        Symphyllia valenciennesi             Symphyllia       Mussidae            Robust           nd        
SYSP        Symphyllia sp.                       Symphyllia       Mussidae            Robust           nd        
TAUR        Tubastrea aurea                      Tubastrea        Dendrophylliidae    Complex          nd        
TREN        Turbinaria reniformis                Turbinaria       Dendrophylliidae    Complex          nd        
TSTE        Turbinaria stellulata                Turbinaria       Dendrophylliidae    Complex          nd        
TUSP        Tubastrea sp.                        Tubastrea        Dendrophylliidae    Complex          nd        
UNKW        Unknown scleractinian                Unknown          Unknown             NA               nd