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#  Snail larvae in turbulence and waves
#   PIV observations of larval behavior in various flow tanks
#  PI: Heidi Fuchs (Rutgers)
#  Co-PIs: Gregory Gerbi (Skidmore), Elias Hunter (Rutgers), & Adam Christman (Rutgers)
#  Version date: 12-July-2018
file_name                                     larval_stage  species         flow_tank  direction  
behavior_data_Comp_T_obsoleta_accel_H         Comp          T_obsoleta      accel      H          
behavior_data_Comp_T_obsoleta_accel_V         Comp          T_obsoleta      accel      V          
behavior_data_Comp_T_obsoleta_couette_H       Comp          T_obsoleta      couette    H          
behavior_data_Comp_T_obsoleta_couette_V       Comp          T_obsoleta      couette    V          
behavior_data_Comp_T_obsoleta_rotate_H        Comp          T_obsoleta      rotate     H          
behavior_data_Comp_T_obsoleta_turb            Comp          T_obsoleta      turb       nd         
behavior_data_Comp_T_trivittata_accel_H       Comp          T_trivittata    accel      H          
behavior_data_Comp_T_trivittata_accel_V       Comp          T_trivittata    accel      V          
behavior_data_Comp_T_trivittata_rotate_H      Comp          T_trivittata    rotate     H          
behavior_data_Comp_T_trivittata_turb          Comp          T_trivittata    turb       nd         
behavior_data_Precomp_T_obsoleta_accel_H      Precomp       T_obsoleta      accel      H          
behavior_data_Precomp_T_obsoleta_accel_V      Precomp       T_obsoleta      accel      V          
behavior_data_Precomp_T_obsoleta_couette_H    Precomp       T_obsoleta      couette    H          
behavior_data_Precomp_T_obsoleta_couette_V    Precomp       T_obsoleta      couette    V          
behavior_data_Precomp_T_obsoleta_rotate_H     Precomp       T_obsoleta      rotate     H          
behavior_data_Precomp_T_obsoleta_rotate_V     Precomp       T_obsoleta      rotate     V          
behavior_data_Precomp_T_obsoleta_turb         Precomp       T_obsoleta      turb       nd