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#  MOCNESS Net Data
#   from R/V Atlantic Explorer cruise AE1910
#  PI: Amy Maas (BIOS)
#  Co-PIs: Leocadio Blanco-Bercial (BIOS) & Ann Tarrant (WHOI)
#  Version date: 15-August-2019
#  NOTE: There were some electronics errors (cast 5 and 6). These successfully captured organisms, but we flew the net blind. 
#        For net 5 there is a net file, but for tow 6 even the net file was empty. 
tow  date_start  time_start  ISO_DateTime_UTC_start  cruise  
06   2019-05-22  12:23:05    2019-05-22T12:23:05     AE1910  
Date      Time      TC   FC     VOL     Pres     Angle      
nd        nd        nd   nd     nd      nd       nd